1. Visitor must treat Märjamaa Hostel's property with care. In case of damage, destruction, spoilage, loss, or any other misuse of Märjamaa Hostel's property, the Visitor is obligated to compensate for the direct financial damage incurred, not covered by insurance.
  2. Visitors are not allowed to invite third parties into Märjamaa Hostel without permission.
  3. The Visitor must comply with the laws of the Republic of Estonia, legitimate requirements, and orders of the police and/or the representative of the lessor, including security company employees. Failure to comply with this point gives the lessor's representative the right to expel the tenant and/or accompanying third parties from the house, terminate the contract with them, and demand payment for the days the house has been actually used.
  4. The Visitor must pay for all damaged or ruined items (bed linen, dishes, televisions, chairs, furniture, doors, etc.) the cost of restoring the damaged property.
  5. The Visitor must use the rooms, furniture, and dishes according to their intended purpose. Moving furniture is not allowed.
  6. The Visitor uses the assigned rooms and does not enter areas where entry is not allowed.
  7. The Visitor must maintain cleanliness and order, performing basic cleaning of common areas after themselves for the benefit of other Märjamaa Hostel visitors. Trash bags filled in the kitchen should be taken to the trash container. Cleaning supplies are located in the stairwell.
  8. Smoking is prohibited indoors at Märjamaa Hostel. Designated areas for smoking are on the terrace, balcony, and in front of the building.
  9. If an event organized by the Visitor gets out of control, vandalism, disobedience, or any other such activity, the lessor's representative has the right to terminate the event immediately without refunds and demand compensation for damages caused by such activities.
  10. When leaving Märjamaa Hostel, the Visitor is obliged to close windows and doors and turn off the lights in the rooms and halls.
  11. Märjamaa Hostel is not responsible for the belongings left in the rooms by the customer.
  12. Technical surveillance is carried out inside and outside the building at Märjamaa Hostel using surveillance cameras.
  13. As the technical systems of the building are regulated automatically, visitors are kindly requested not to attempt to adjust temperatures or other settings themselves.
  14. WiFi for visitors is provided under the network name 'HG_Hostel,' and passwords are posted in the rooms.
  15. If you are leaving Märjamaa Hostel permanently or for an extended period, please dispose of your food leftovers from the fridge and other places and take them to the trash container behind the building.

Enjoy your stay!
For assistance, Märjamaa Hostel's phone available from 12:00 to 21:00 is +372 5273592.
Fire Safety Rules

Every individual is obligated to adhere to the fire safety regime established in Märjamaa Hostel and its territory, including:
  1. Avoiding activities that may cause a fire or explosion;
  2. Switching off electrical appliances when leaving the building;
  3. Familiarizing oneself with evacuation routes and the location of fire extinguishing equipment;
  4. Not allowing minors to use ignition sources;
  5. Smoking only in designated areas outside the building;
  6. Not placing flammable objects on the stove;
  7. Not making an open fire on the premises, except in designated areas, and not leaving the fire unattended;
  8. Not using non-functional electrical appliances;
  9. Not closing or obstructing evacuation routes or emergency exits.
In the event of a fire, all individuals must immediately exit the building using the designated evacuation routes.
Note: All doors at Märjamaa Hostel open in the direction of exit without obstruction.

Actions in case of a fire:
  1. Immediately inform the emergency center at 112 about the location and extent of the fire, providing your last name and the phone number used for reporting;
  2. Warn people in danger, if necessary, by activating the alarm button;
  3. If possible, attempt to extinguish the fire;
  4. Prevent the spread of the fire (close doors and windows).
  5. Inform the owner of the building about the fire.

Upon the arrival of the fire extinguishing and rescue team, the leader must be informed of:
  1. The location and extent of the fire;
  2. Possible danger to people;
  3. Other hazards associated with the fire.
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